Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Kind of Fashionable Nails Art for Some Seasons

Nail art has as one of the most popular nail beauty of ideas among the youth of today. They will stop at nothing to try to get their ideas and express the art nail. Nail painting with colored stones in various colors, stickers, beads are a hot favorite. Nail decorations such as stones are also used to create a unique look and attract attention for everyone. Styles, colors and designs are chosen to decorate your nails can vary by season, occasion or even your mood in fashions times. Freehand drawings are very popular in this time because it easily yourself without giving too much to do.
However, you should go for more complex designs, you can opt for the manicure with nail art gel. You can also use glitter to your nails to make them look festive and glamorous seeing. Winter calls for bright metal layer to the nail and then you paint your nails with snow white paint on theme of the art nail. If the season of Halloween, you can use black paint as a primer and the skull, ghosts and other Halloween figures by using nails fake. If you think animal prints match your outfit, you can go to the image cat, dog or a fish. A base with white pin stripes or give some dots to represent the same animal and you're done with your appearance in your nails.  
The colors with blue icing are to create the look of the beautiful beach. You can use different colors for the fish and some color to weed green sea horses and dolphins also see Nature really good design of nail art. Beautiful flowers are different colors in all shades of light and dark experience and never out of the fashion of the nail art in times and times. You can work with flower nail art, so it easily nail art is for everyone who looks better. And show their creative talents on their nails will be getting. This is a great way to attract attention and keep your nails at the same time with special design nails solar.