Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coaching for Women in Midlife

You did it. Somehow you managed to lose your keys again - they were in the bathroom - and you suddenly have a feverish desire to plan a road trip across America. With work, family and trying to find a balance, you've never given yourself time take a long trip...or many other things. Suddenly you feel time closing in on you. You think you may be having a midlife crisis.
Maybe you're experiencing empty nest syndrome. Maybe you're starting to feel like you're in the wrong profession or that your love life is changing before your eyes. Or maybe you're not sure, but what's most troubling about all this is that you're suddenly aware that you're at the crux of your life and there is so much you have yet to do.
You begin to analyze what's going on in your life. You might have a great list of accomplishments, a high paying job, a family, but something's missing. You feel that you're in a rhythm now, but that you still have much to explore. A lot to explore. You're confused. Are you the same person you used to be? What are your values, and does your current life live up to them? Are you going to continue on as you have before, or are you going to do something different?
If you're panicking, it's time to calm down. What you think is a middle age crisis is something everyone goes through, it's a middle age shift. And if you stop and listen you may realize you really like it.
The truth is that your life is far from over. In fact, midlife is the perfect time to look deep inside and identify what really matters. You can look back on what you've done and what's worked, and you can evaluate where you want to go. Having lived through life so far, you are at an advantage. You're smarter, more experienced, and have made enough mistakes to know what not to do (that's more than you can say for your twenties). Now all you need is guidance and a plan to help you sculpt the path for what's next.
Life coaching for people in midlife is a great way to help you get to the bottom of your middle age shift and how you can take advantage of it. Midlife coaching let's you realize you are in control, helping you transform your desires into achievable goals. There's no time or reason for shoulda, coulda, woulda's, so why not sign up for a complimentary coaching session? Then you can say goodbye to that midlife crisis. Sounds great right?

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