Sunday, January 29, 2012

Women Empowerment Can Shrink The Gap of Gender Diversity

The society we live in is male dominated in the majority of the aspects. The gendered attitude with our unconscious bias sustains the homogeneity and shuts the door towards diversity. There is a necessity for strong leadership which will challenge the status quo and drive in the much required change. Gender diversity is prominent in business fields making it more mandatory to retain women in higher positions. Change is the keyword and right thing to do at present moment. Businesses need to change their corporate cultures to accommodate more talented women in their domains.
There are compelling reasons to achieve gender equality with women leaders rated higher in male leadership qualities and an overall leadership effectiveness negating stereotype about female leadership qualities. In a recent study by leadership development consultancy it is found that women scored better than their male counterparts in leadership qualities like taking initiatives and motivating for results. They were fared outstanding even in leadership competencies. In addition women leaders scored higher in overall leadership effectiveness then their male equivalents when rated by their colleagues, bosses and other companions.
Such surveys tend to confirm the belief and prove as direct evidence that women must be provided with opportunities of leadership but these surveys also confirms that the leadership of male preponderance exists. Women in workplace require working twice as hard in order to reach the position they deserve and the leadership role they aim at. This lack of security poses as a barrier for women who aspire to work as a leader in future. This gender diversity is crucial in fetching more women into leadership positions. Gender gap remains an enigma for women in workplaces. Combined with gender inequality it creates complex hurdles for women to overcome.
Change will emerge if companies make way for gender equality a mandatory component of their business plans. They need to address the gender biased attitudes that are persistent in male dominated industries. Other factors integral for change are accountability and assessment of the results. It is not just a HR issue to provide women with equal opportunities but it is fundamental to the overall industry. The reputation building of an organization to work as a good place for diversified groups must be inclusive of creating equal place for women. The recruitment becomes easier task with recruitment of talent from present day's diverse hiring pool.
Women's markets are considered as key to most industries as women are the significant decision makers, consumers and potential customers. The retail decisions are influenced to a great extent by women. Today the women owned businesses are expanding at tremendous rate in the world economy. Creating an inclusive culture with strong leadership will drive in the change and align the gender inequality. Gender diversity can pave the way for gender equality and benefit all. Businesses can achieve superior business outcomes added to consumer satisfaction, retention ability and productivity. Companies can strive for staffing together the core employees with inclination of creating prospects for women.
Sonal Nair: I am freelance Content Writer, SEO. I enjoy writing on varied topics. I like poetry creation. I' m interested in art, dance and Haiku. I like to sketch in charcoal, oil pastels and paint with watercolors. I love to cook. I care about women's empowerment, literacy, domestic violence, child labor and children's wellness.

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